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Technical Diving

We regularly conduct Technical Diving training here at Bali Hai Divers. We offer courses through PSAI, IANTD, DSAT and TDI. Booking in advance is recommended if you want to secure a place.

A Technical Diving course for beginners (You need minimum Open Water certification, 25 dives and good water skills to join) is normally done 1-2 times per month at our facilities. Under PSAI it is Decompression Procedures, under IANTD it is Advanced Nitrox under DSAT it is Tec 40 and under TDI it is Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures. If you don't have a Nitrox certification already, this can be taken care of on the first day. 

The complete program takes 3-4 days and you learn how to dive with double tanks and a new gear configuration, a host of new diving skills and do  accelerated decompression dives with one gas switch. 

For more information about our Technical Diving offers the REC 'N' TEC's Technical Diving Section has all the information. There you will find  a comprehensive FAQ, PSAI, IANTD and TDI course information, Rebreather Diving FAQ and information, a list of equipment requirements and complete pricing information. The training is done at Bali Hai Divers facility on Tioman Island.



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